What is the safest place to buy gold?

The best places to buy gold bars CoinSJM: the best overall, SD bars: the lowest prices, APMEX: the best selection, domed: the easiest buying process, the US Mint: the best for frequent purchases, Kitco: the best for larger investments, Patriot Gold Group: the best for gold and Silver and Gold IRA investments, GoldSilver: the best discounts. You'll have gold in your hands within 14 days of payment confirmation. Even so, you can avoid the hassle of storing gold on your own by storing it in the highly secure bullion warehouse in Texas. The icing on the cake: a return policy. You can return the shipment within 15 days after the 30-day inspection period.

The 3-day return policy allows you to return the package if, unfortunately, you change your mind, simply let customer service know within the window. In addition to selling at the cheapest prices on the market, SD Bullion essentially meets your gold needs with a wide variety of platinum bars, including bars between 1 and 5 ounces. If you are not impressed with the shipment, the return policy allows you to return the product within 3 days and wait for customer service to request a refund. Aren't you impressed with your gold? - In the unfortunate event that this happens, you will have 3 days to return the shipment and get a refund.

You can buy gold coins in gold bars and ingots weighing up to 1 kilogram. And yes, you can buy some gold with your IRA and 401 000 funds with the help of an assigned expert, incredible right? Golden Eagle Coins is the Tom Hanks of gold traders. It's been around since 1974, so you know there are a lot of things it does well. You'll be spoiled for choice, with a wide selection of gold coins, and listen to this: rare coins such as numismatic and foreign coins prior to 1933.